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          13 Years of Prosperity

          Don't forget the beginning, forge ahead

          Company Overview

          Established in 2006, Xiamen Starmem Scitechnology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise committing to the promotion and development of membrane separation and continuous ion exchange/chromatographic separation technology .Its products service environmental engineering, treatment of metallurgical wastewater, bio-pharmaceuticals, fermentation, food and beverage, deep processing of agricultural products, plant extracts, chemical engineering and other fields.The company is equipped with good software and hardware facilities. It integrates and innovates industrial membrane separation, wastewater discharge engineering, continuous ion exchange/ chromatographic separation technology and system process, thus being able to provide customers with technology consulting and process design of small-scale, pilot-scale and industrial equipment, as well as complete solutions of equipment production, installation and commissioning. Over the years, it has won the long-term trust of customers and the industry.
               “Technology is the first element of development". Starmem attaches great importance to the power of technology and innovation. It has set up a R&D team with strong fighting force, diverse specialization and professionalism, and adhered to carry out technical exchanges that fit in specialty and cooperated with famous universities at home, corporate research centers, research institutions, and industrial associations. Since 2008, the company has successfully and independently developed a zero discharge device of lead-zinc smelting wastewater and continuous fluid separation device which are the firstly witnessed at home and international leading leve. The former has been successfully and comprehensively adopted in large well-known nonferrous metals enterprises covering Yunnan, Guangxi, Gansu and Guizhou, among others. 
               In the future, we will continue to explore new technologies, create high-quality products, improve services, and grow with customers as always.Dedicating to innovation, committing to profession.    

          Mission and Purpose of Enterprise

          Our Mission

          Dedicated to membrane separation, continuous ion exchange / chromatographic
          separation technology and industrial equipment development, continue to create maximum value for customers.

          Corporate Purposes

          The team is committed to innovation and professional standards.


          Star Film: For Chinese translation of StarMem, SarMem is a combination of Star and Mem.

          Star: It means a shining star, with glowing heat and unlimited energy. Shida film is constantly exploring this energy, making progress and making more brilliant stars in the industry. Mem is an abbreviation for Membrane, which means a separation membrane. The company is based on membrane separation technology, continuously develops and optimizes the membrane application process, and provides independent finishing solutions with independent separation and chromatographic separation technology.

          The background color is marked by cool colors, which symbolizes rigor. With its rigorous and stable work attitude and efficient work efficiency, Star Film has become a reliable partner for customers.

          The shape and lines are full and full, which means harmony and happiness. The employees of Shida Membrane care for each other and help each other to contribute to the light and heat of StarMem for the application of membrane technology and continuous separation and chromatographic separation technology.

          Enterprise Display